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March 6, 2013


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Viva Chavez by DragonQuestWes

Hasta Siempre Comandante

Artwork: Comando Creativo - Propaganda Bolivariana

Hugo Chavez by Zalo1989 Viva Chavez by Fonta84 Victory to Bolivarian Venezuela by Party9999999 Hugo Chavez drawing on Muro by DragonQuestWes

★  28 de Julio de 1954 - 5 de Marzo de 2013 ★
"Simón Bolívar, padre de nuestra Patria y guía de nuestra Revolución,
juró no descansar en los brazos, ni dar descanso a su alma,
hasta ver la America libre
No lo sabemos dar descanso a nuestros brazos,
ni reposo a nuestras almas, hasta que salvará a la humanidad."
(Discurso en el 60 aniversario de la ONU, 15 de Septiembre de 2005)

Hugo Chavez by IHGhost  Hugo Chavez en el B.E.S.B. 4 by pedrorondon Hugo Chavez by gabrio76 Hugo Chavez en el B.E.S.B. 1 by pedrorondon Hugo Chavez en el B.E.S.B. 3 by pedrorondon

★ July 28, 1954 - March 5, 2013 ★
"Simón Bolívar, father of our country and guide of our revolution,
he vowed not to rest to his arms, nor give rest to his soul,
to see America free.
We do not give rest to our arms,
nor rest to our souls, until it will save humanity."
(Address at the 60th anniversary of the UN, September 15, 2005)

Bolivarian Soldier by DaLong8 Maradona and Chavez by OmarMomani Pray He Gets It by Delyteful chavez by Discotea  Three Americans by NB-PhotoArt

★ 28 Luglio 1954 – 5 Marzo 2013 ★
"Simón Bolívar, padre della nostra Patria e guida della nostra Rivoluzione,
giurò di non dare riposo alle sue braccia, né dare riposo alla sua anima,
fino a vedere l'America libera.
Noi non daremo riposo alle nostre braccia,
né riposo alla nostra anima, fino a quando non sarà salva l'umanità."
(Discorso alla sessione per il 60° anniversario dell'ONU, 15 Settembre 2005)

Hasta Siempre, Presidente. by Silver786 Farewell comandante Hugo Chavez by HadiArts  Chavez Propaganda by juveleo Hugo Chavez by Bokula Hugo Chavez by KhaledFanni Chavez Bolivar by Ailanista

Hugo Chavez as el Che by cobun Hugo Chavez en el B.E.S.B. 5 by pedrorondon Hugo Chavez by el-Sheriff Hugo Chavez by Lindsay40k hugo chavez by Clipse89

A los que me desean la muerte
le deseo una larga vida
que puedan ver la Revolución Bolivariana
continuar progresando de batalla en batalla y de victoria en victoria
Soy una hoja impulsada por el huracán
no mires a la hoja, mirar el huracán!

WBK Hugo Chavez by workbyknight Hugo Chavez by Drunah Farewell Comandante Hugo Chavez by HadiArts Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias by Ailanista

To those who wish me death
I wish you a long life
that they can see the Bolivarian Revolution
continue to advance from battle to battle and to victory after victory
I am a leaf driven by the hurricane
do not look at the leaf, look at the hurricane!

Padre de la Revolucion Hugo Chavez by ZA-7 Comandante Hugo Chavez by ZA-7 Chavez Forever by 100latino

A coloro che mi augurano la morte,
io auguro una lunga vita
perché possano vedere la Rivoluzione Bolivariana
continuare ad avanzare di battaglia in battaglia e di vittoria in vittoria
Io sono la foglia trascinata dall'uragano
non guardate la foglia, guardate l'uragano!

Real Change Poster by Party9999999 Hugo Chavez aun sostiene su aliento by mastercron Hugo Chavez by mernolan Hugo and Fidel by PacoCartoon Hugo Chavez by eThomsen

Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías

(Hugo Chavez) by union6

other features
  Chavez feature

Because of recent events, I'm going to do a feature for Hugo Chavez related artworks. This journal will be constantly updated as I feature artwork.
Yes, I will only select artworks honoring the ex-President (yes, I said ex-President, because if you read what happened, you would understand).
Chavez by QuadraroHasta Siempre, Presidente. by Silver786Hugo Chavez by KhaledFanniWBK Hugo Chavez by workbyknightFarewell Comandante Hugo Chavez by HadiArts
Information about Venezuela from Venezuelanalysis


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Mistikfantasy Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
A truly honorable man. I :heart: him
LeRevolutionnaire Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013
Wonderful! We miss him greatly!
Klauzero Featured By Owner May 11, 2013   Digital Artist
Nunca habrß nadie como Úl!
ZA-7 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Here is another one, made by me ZA-7

Fedayn-Roma Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013
add it :peace:
ShirouZhiwu Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have to confess some ignorance when it comes to South America. The place seems to be a perpetual mess, but I don't know whether the fault lies with the Catholic Church, the pirates who founded the nations, Cartel Capitalists, or a mixture of all of above.
amesho Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
And now, we're left with such an uncultured limp cock of a man that in only three months managed to devaluate our currency by half and uses Chavez as an excuse to everything he plans to make in presidency.
But of course, putting him in charge is what Chavez's would've wanted, so you won't mind if we're pushed to hell all over and all the hive-minded are moving hives.
Nicolas ain't no Chavez.

He had his good things, but he was so foolish and egotistical to go through that presidential election and leaving the country in the midst of a shitstorm.
Alisbet Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Let's see if Chavez's death brings peace and prosperity to venezuela.
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